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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  December 4, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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which we aren't doing and then begin the process of deportation. >> and as attorney general of the the state of florida. my fear is that that money will be dumped on my state. >> i don't blame you and it must not. if you look the at article 1, section 8 of the confusion, what congress can do, and a specific enumerated power is that the government needs to deal with securing our, with the border, that is the federal government's role. it's not the state's role so it's very important that it's the federal government, that pays for this cost. that's been the burden. as i said, the cost every year is 113 billion, but the states are bearing 82 billion. and the federal government needs to pay for the deportation costs. the deportn cost. congresswoman michele bachmann republicans support tort reform. you are a leadership in limited government. there is a bill to allow the federal government dictate how the state judges are to try
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medical mal practice cases and cap what awards can be given by juries under the state do you support that bill? >> i support tort reform absolutely. 45 lows lawsuits are out of control. there is an issue with the 10th amendment. some states implemented caps on the 45 lows lawsuits and lawsuits that came forward. one state is california. >> you support tort reform and so do >> youport tort reform and so do i but do you support federal tort reform that governs how states may conduct their medical malpractice trial? >> i can. i can come out in support of that. this is an issue that i think is a fundamental issue and something i can support. >> we will continue with congresswoman michelle bachmann right after the break. stay with us. we will be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for joining us tonight. we are going to continue with michelle bachmann. >> you have called for the abolition of the department of education. some criticized it as being purely civilist. what theab abolition of the education department get us out of problems with education? >> i would abolish department of education. that's why i got into politics in the first place. we had foster children. i was concerned about their education. we need to have a full scale repeal of the federal education law. that's really what needs to be done. because it's the burdens and the mandates that the federal government have put on our local school districts. i have asked superintendents especially in iowa i said if i was able to repeal all of the federal education law and do away with federal department of education and you wouldn't get the money that the federal
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government sends down to you would you take the deal? they said to me absolutely we would take the deal because the amount of money we get from the federal government doesn't begin to cover the costs of all of the mandates they put on us. we can't forget we didn't have a federal department of education before the late 1970s. we can certainly get along without it. you said you would abolish the epa but how would you deal with something like air pollution across the state line? >> we have 50 epa's every state has them. there are issues across the state. on a case by case basis federal government gets involved weather clean air or clean products or whether it's the border. more on a case by case basis but what we can't have the current department of epa they have essentially become a government to themselves almost. they are changing the course of
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history every day. >> i certainly agree with you about the over aggressiveness of the epa but as a practical matter you said on a case by case basis you don't mean you would pass a law for every instance of a coal plant in ohio coming to pennsylvania and something else from one state to another, do you? >> legislation is one thing negotiation is another. a lot of these things can be negotiated. the two states you mentioned the two states can get together. >> you cannot just negotiate without a legal foundation and compel both sides to do that. if they don't negotiate then what? >> you are making a very good point. when we send the power and authority back to the states that's the place to begin. there may be a need for new legislation that comes forward
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or there may be a limited control within another department to take care of it. i am not opposed to the federal government. it is reasonable they would have to deal with some of these issues but let's look at what we are talking about with the epa. right now they want to change the economy writing rules taking over businesses because of what is happening because of the epa because they are putting so many heavy burdens. >> what we are trying to get at is your alternative -- >> i am not opposed to new legislation to deal with that. again on a case by case basis we have a modified form. but the current epa has to go. >> next two segments. >> we have practicing lawyer
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congresswoman backman other than road verses wade why did the worse united states supreme court decision in the last 50 years? >> all time worse was the scott position. there are so many it is hard to choose. i will go with the kilo key significance. it was a government entity taking away the private property interest from one individual because it would benefit government in the form of revenue and giving that private property to another. that's a terrible decision. >> congresswoman what would you do in the federal government's perspective to protect private property? >> the federal government needs to stand up in terms of legislation and also from the legal perspective. if there is a case that goes before the court, they need to follow the constitution.
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they needed to have reference with the declaration of independence. that's part of our government that we uphold private property right. that hasn't happened a lot in the recent years but it must. >> we are in the final 30 seconds of the segment. do you have a question? >> i have a quick question. kilo is one of my top ones as well. you would express support for federal human rights amendment. why is it preferable to allow the states to have their own policy on apportion? >> because life is the fundamental issue. if you go back to the declaration of independence we have inalienable rights. those are rights god gives to us not man. the reason governments were instituted for the declaration of independence is to protect those inalienable rights. >> thank you congressman bachmann. we will see the congresswoman at the end of the forum for her final minutes. coming up former massachusetts
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nice to have you. >> good to be here. >> congressman, you advocate for pure constitutionalism. given that filte >> you add kate constitutionalism. what are the three primary domestic responsibilities for the federal government? >> domestic responsibilities? protecting the borders, providing a sound economy, a sound currency. that's in the constitution very clear that's a major issue and enforcing the bill of rights. that would be property rights and predom of speech. the constitution overall would be a major issue as well. >> congressman god evening to you. in 1995 we lost 168 oklahomans in a domestic terrorist attack. my assistant attorney general melissa houston is a survivor of that blast. spent many years after that
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utilizing tools of the patriot act fighting domestic terrorism. you have come out opposed to the patriot act due to constitutional privacy concerns. what thoughtful alternative do you have to the patriot act to prevent further acts of domestic terrorism in the future? >> the one thing is you stay yor goal is preventing crimes and all criminal acts. but the patriot act if it would have been called the repeal of the 4th amendment it wasnouldn' have passed. that's way too much sacrifice of liberty. but you know there are laws in the books for violent acts but if you think you can pass enough laws to prevent all crimes and all acts of violence, just think of the act of violence that occur in our house 40e8d-- households. are you going to put cameras in every household? i don't think it's a lack of laws that is our problem. >> congressman you don't believe
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there needs to be a comprehensive law equipping law foreignsment to prevent domestic terrorism in this country? >> i don't believe we need a comprehensive law we need state laws against violence. the one law we have level that we totally ignore and that is that terrorism is a crime and is not a war, yet we have drifted off to being called this is a war on terrorism and it's a justification to pursue war not only around the world but even domestically. a violent act should be a p prerogative of the government. they didn't enact a national police force. today if you are talking about criminal acts center lines, murder, manslaughter robbery, that is all a state issue. we have already 100,000 federal
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bureaucrats carrying gunning. i think that the problem isn't a lack of federal laws and federal policemen. >> what would you call the attacks on the twin towers? new york city? oo it's an act of center lines. >> was that an act of terrorism? >> it is a terrorist attack. we have responsibility to froekt our borders. it is an act of terrorism. we should be checking our borders finding out who is coming in. we understand the whole problem rather than just saying that what we need is more federal policemen lack of federal police activity and guns that will make us safer. if you understand it's the motivation and all of the problems of why we are facing this crisis and why people want to come here and kill them more
9:18 pm
laws won't do it. it this whole thing is all messed up because what we have been told for ten years is people want to come here and commit act of terrorism because we are free and prosperous. as long as people believe that believe me you are not going to solve the problem. >> we have run out of time. different topic. president obama has had the audacity to say that the republican approach to the economy means dirtyer air, dirtyer water, and less people with health insurance. is that really what less federal regulation means? >> hardly. as a matter of fact i get charged with that all of the time. i don't want the federal regulations and most conservatives say you don't have people in the streets or medical care. if you don't have regulations, say in the environment and different things or regulations on banking regulations, actually
9:19 pm
the market is a real strict regulator. it's a strict regulation. our problem today is when you write the regulations say on drugs, the drug companies get involved they write the regulations. banking regulations are written by the banking community. they become the lobbyists. it isn't the lack of regulation but if you have the market you have property rights, contract rights and you have bankruptcy laws and those are strictly enforced. it wasn't a lack of regulations that caused the enron scandal but it was the market that took care of it. those individuals were convicted in court for fraud and went to prison. we have to answer back. we do a lousy job on that. saying the liberals grab the moral high ground saying we are going to take care of everybody you are going to do it there won't be any medical care. it is up to us to argue the case that the market can answer that.
9:20 pm
the three market of property rights can solve just about all of these problems much better than more bureaucrats in washington. >> we have to take a break at this point. we have to come back more with congressman ron paul after this break so stay with us. [ adrianna ] when i grill lobster, i make sure it's a melt in your mouth kind of experience. [ john ] the wood fires up the grill a little bit hotter so you really get a good sear and it locks in the juices. surf & turf -- you n't go wrong [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's surf & turf event. choose from three grilled combinations all under $20. like our maine lobster with peppercorn sirloin or our new bacon-wrapped shrimp with blue cheese sirloin for $14.99. [ adrianna ] i think the guests are going to take a bite and be like "oh, man, this is so awesome." [ john ] i'm grill master john mazany. i'm grill master adrianna hollis. and we sea food differently.
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texas congressman ron paul. >> let's continue with texas congressman ron paul. >> you said on fox news sunday medicare, medicaid and social security are unconstitutional. i presume that means you will eliminate the programs. how will you do it? oo i do believe. you all work on obama care and you talk about it being unconstitutional. you say there's a mandate. they are all mandates. anybody get enough not to have to pay medicare taxes? no. i wrote an article 1 section where does it say anything the government should be involved in education or medicine. how do you get rid of it? >> how do you do it? >> you can't get rid of it overnight. i go to the extreme of saying that for those individuals who have been totally dependent,
9:24 pm
children and the elderly right now, start with that because there's this horrible budget crisis. if we want to save the cuts i have a program where i have to cut a trillion dollars a bunch of it comes from overseas a bunch of it comes from five departments. i would preserve some of these programs. when i present these programs i say it's a purpose of phasing them out. for instance my program allows people under 25 to get out of social security. to cut that off and think you can do it overnight isn't going to work. you have to have a transition program. technically speaking they ask are they unconstitutional? no. where is the authority? i don't know where the authority is. there's no sense of one penny being spent to run education.
9:25 pm
that is why we are in such trouble. there is no respect at all for the constitution. >> congressman you are very clear you thinker unconstitutional. why would you sign a budget that contains something that is unconstitutional. >> you have two choices we can work our way out of this or you wait into collapse and we have to rebuild it. i am saying on the federal reserve everybody knows my position on the federal reserve it is unconstitutional. i don't think you shut it down. i have transition programs and that makes a big difference. >> which comes first the sovereignty of the people the state or federal government. please put them in order? >> well the people and the state and then the federal government. very little for the federal government. none for international governments like the u.n. and nato to get authority for the
9:26 pm
things we do around the world. >> are there any mainedments to the constitution that you 3w4r50 believe are mistakes. >> that i believe what? >> are mistakes? >> try to keep it to a few. >> i am not quite hearing you. >> try to keep it to a few. >> oh, and you said amendments to the constitution? okay. well, one of the worst was the prohibition which led to a horrible decade. we repealed that one. the repealed one was very great. there is not -- obviously the bill of rights those are amendments. right. so there's -- the other ones are sort of not enough for me to get riled up about i am so concerned
9:27 pm
about not following the constitution on what we have on property rights and rule of law and the monetary issues and going to war issues. those are the things i am concerned about. >> we are short on time quick question. if you could suggest every american read one book what would it be? >> excluding something religiously oriented. >> could be. it could be. >> well, i think simplify things to get a message out since we are talking about politics and the law if they want to read a short book to really wake them up on what the law should be they should read a book called "the law." read that and find out the moral principals behind law saying that you as an individual can't do certain things but if you can't do it the government can't do it. if you can't steal from your neighbor you can't send a
9:28 pm
politician to steal from your neighbor. the law is a basic we are starting with. >> thank you congressman ron paul. we will have a chance to visit with you at the end of the forum. you can post your thoughts about the forum. we would love to hear from you. put it at the show. you can tweet, use the slash tag hubbing forum. coming up mitt romney. stay with us. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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>> welcome back to "huckabee canni"huckabee ." joining us is mitt romney. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, mike. >> i am going to turn you over to scott pruitt for the first question. >> governor good evening. >> thank you to you and pam and ken for participating in this. it has been an interesting show to watch so far. hope it stays that way. >> you come from oklahoma you know they are the leader in energy in gas coal and wind. when your epa administrator may not be much different than the president's now what do you say to that? >> they don't know what i would do if i was president of the united states. one of my good friends is mike levitt who was epa administrator
9:32 pm
under george w. bush. i asked some of the oil and gas companies what was it like under mike leavitt? they said it was a whole lot better than it is today. they have gotten out of control for the sim tell reason it is a tool in the hands of the government to crush the private enterprise system to crush the ability to have energy whether it's oil, gas, nuclear. there's a real effort on the part of some that don't like the american enterprise system and they are trying to find a way to do whatever they can to impede the growth in the economy and energy dependence. step in the way of fraking and eliminate the potential in some states to have access to nation -- natural gas and oil. this is an effort to say let's go solar and wind. let's raise the cost of energy dramatically. in my view it's entirely opposite of the view. we need to have the federal government the seasoned job as
9:33 pm
helping the private tesector gr in jobs. >> you know that's revolutionized the natural gas indicators as far as extracting natural gas. the kurr rernth pa administrator is marching toward having the federal government oversee hydraulic fracturing? would you stop that? >> absolutely. the epa and president party are frustrated beyond belief that the states have the regulatory authority over fraking. right now i guess something close to 70 percent of the oil wells in this country have been fraked so states have been managing this managed it well but the epa wants to be able to get in and grab more power and move the economy over oil, gas, nuclear and move into the renewables. re like renewables but they aren't going to power the
9:34 pm
economy. among other things i would get the epa out of the effort to manage carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles and trucks. that was not a pollutant. of all of the agencies in washington it is the one being used by this president to hold down crush and insert government into the private sector. >> in a general election debate he will say his healthcare law was based on your massachusetts model. what would be your response to the president in that debate. >> i sure look forward to this. i will say mr. president thank you for the compliment but why did you give me a call. pick up the phone and ask me would i do differently what would i do the same? why didn't you ask me what the flaws are? >> what would you do different? >> the bill i proposed was different than the final bill. some measures i vetoed they were
9:35 pm
over written by the legislator. i am sure in years past some things had gone well some were adjusted. do i like the bill overall yes. am i proud of our state? yes. what the president has done is way beyond what we envisioned. we were trying to take care of the 8 percent of people without insurance. east not just concerned about the people without insurance it's aboutic at thatting over 100 percent of the people without insurance. >> you agree when you were trying to take care of that 8 percent what you did in that bill in massachusetts in 2006 affected the entire industry in massachusetts. correct? >> in a limited way if at all forp 92 percent of people who had insurance that didn't change. they continued to get insurance from the private insurance companies and the 8 percent got private insurance. they didn't get government
9:36 pm
insurance they got government private insurance. for 92 percent already insured nothing changed. we would hope what we did would bring down the cost of healthcare in a model way. that didn't happen. there are some who say the rate of growth has come down. the cost of healthcare that's the real objective we ought to be looking at. >> governor romney in 2008 you campaigned in favor of the federal no child left behind act but more recently you stated the federal government should get out of education. under a romney administration what role would government play in education? >> i support aspects of no wichd left behind. i don't intend to change that. the federal government has a role to stand up to the federal teacher's union. the federal teacher's unions are impeding the education of our kids by preventing in some cases
9:37 pm
cyber learning, preventing choice in school, preventing merit pay for other teachers. in many teachers are unqualified allowed to stay in the classroom. the only way to determine which schools were succeeding and which teachers were failing was to test our kids. the only way that could happen was for the federal government to stand up to them. i look forward to the day where we don't have to have the federal role. it should be managed and controlled state, by localities by parents and families not by the federal government. the role of insisting we are going to test our kids was an effort by president bush to stay stop to the teacher's union. >> would you support federal assistance for school lunch pell
9:38 pm
grants and gi bills? >> whole series of items there in some cases yes some cases no. moist that deal with the poor i work with a lot of systems with the poor. most of them i am going to turn the money back to the state and say you should craft the plans the way you think best to deal with your own he poor. it is different being poor in massachusetts or montana or michigan. let states craft the programs for medicare potentially for food stamps, even for school lunch programs. > this administration they are making several appointments to the u.s. supreme court. that is more than a label to me. what does that mean to appoint
9:39 pm
strict instructions to the u.s. supreme court? >> i like people who recognize their job is to protect the constitution. follow the constitution as it was written and intended and follow laws of congress as written and ind tended rather than have the supreme courtesy its role as springing from or departing from the constitutions and laws. i look at the opinions of the last several years by justices by robertson and alito and thomas scalia. these are strict constructionists. i want justices that are brilliant strict constructionists who are able to convince colleagues they are right on the issues, who share my values. i want to say someone who has a track record either as yourists, if they have been in the academic profession i want to see a real track record. i don't want to just take hear
9:40 pm
word i want to see it in practice. >> governor romney, you know there are will countless illegal immigrants coming into my state in florida. given the federal government complete failure to do their constitutional tcutie protect m state and secure the border. which didn't address this problem? >> my view is states have the responsibility to care for the life, liberty and pursuant of happiness of their citizens. if the federal government is failing to fulfill its responsibility to enforce immigration laws then state should have to take action. in my state when i was governor i took action. there was an effort on the mart of the legislature to pass a bill providing in state tuition to illegal immigrants, i vetoed that. there was discussion about driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. i said no way. i empowered state police to work with ice to be able to carry out federal immigration laws to make sure we found people who are in our state illegally that
9:41 pm
committed triems and got them out of the country. we have to recognize however the federal government will have to step up and do its job. >> we are a little over. >> governor other than overseeing if heable union elections is there flooin labor law has to be completely dominated by the federal government other can it be eliminated effectively and turned over to the state? >> i think that's a fair question i have spoken about. back in the days of law school and labor law classes and discussions there's a real question to we need to have federal labor law? that is where things evolved. the first step is it revamp the labor relations board if not eliminate it all together or come back to courts or agency with much shorter range. my own view is that states should be putting in place right
9:42 pm
to work laws to enable them to participate in the work force without having to join the union. >> that sounds kind of like the navy. >> 20 seconds left. >> at this stage i would not propose getting ready of all federal labor law but i do see we have to reign in the power of the national labor relations board. my preference by the way is wherever we can return power and authority to the state. >> we have to close it out at that point. every candidate. we are going to bring all 6 candidates left. we will get their final thoughts on tonight's republican president sal forum. we will be right back. if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day.
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that's why we created the share the love event. get a great deal on a new subaru and $250 gs to your choice of 5 charities. with your help, we can reach $20 million dollars by the end of this, our fourth year. >> each of the six candidates have had equal time to answer our panel's questions. now they are joining us all once again and each of them have exactly one minute each to give us their final thoughts for tonight. now the order in which you will see them was also termed by a drawing just prior to tonight's program. first up governor mitt romney for massachusetts. >> governor romney? >> thank you, mike. this 2012 election is really going to be an election which presents a choice to the american people about what kind of america we are going to have.
9:46 pm
historically this has been what david brooks has called a merit based society where individuals based upon education hard work risk taking and a little luck can have rewards based on the choices they receive. it is the nation with freedom and opportunity. president obama and his friends want to see an entitled based society where you take the rewards of some and spread it out to everybody elsewhere lby the way the best results go to the people who do the spreading the people in government. are we going to be a free society with free individuals purs pursuing their course or a nation governed by the government. we have to make a choice. i have spent my life in the private sector i know how to make this country strong and great by applying all of the principles that have always made us great. >> next governor rick perry of
9:47 pm
texas. >> thank you. boy it has been a while and a woolley ride in the primary. i hope everyone takes a look at my plan that cuts taxes balances the budget and gets america working again and over halls washington. one of the ways it does that we will put a part-time congress in place. think about that, send them back in their own districts to have a real job working back in their home district. that's the way you really make a difference. i have lived a purpose driven life my purpose was never to be the president of the united states but our country is in trouble. our country needs us working together to take our country back. i hope you will take a look at my plan. every day i will work to make washington, d.c. as inconsequential to your life as i can. god bless you and thank you for
9:48 pm
your support and your vote. >> congressman ron paul of texas. >> thank you, mike. tonight we talked a lot about the relationship with the federal government with the state government. it is such a mess because we turn the constitution on its head. today the federal government is very big and the states are very little. it is a consequence of our carelessness with the constitution. our congresses our courts as well as the executive branch have taken over too much of the power. now it falls upon the state because they are suffering the consequences and the states have this responsibility to do something about it. one issue that i think we have to revisit because founders understood it but we have forgotten about it that is the principle of nullification. if the federal government won't respond and i would if i can i would response in the favorable way of reinstituting the principle of nullification. the states have to be able to
9:49 pm
nullify this. this would reverse the trend and stop the usurpation of politics to the federal government. >> our next candidate is speaker newt gingrich. speaker gingrich. >> i want to thank you and the attorneys general for what i think has been a useful evening for people to look at the issues and see inpell de-- intelligent people asking good questions. this may be the most important election since 1860. 8 years of barack obama would be a disaster. if he gets re-elected with this economy this self sit these problems he would say it vined cates his radicalism and fundamentally changing america. we need your help. this is a big election. we have changes to make that are so big no president could make them alone. i am not going to ask you if you are for me. if you are for me you will vote
9:50 pm
and say i will ask you -- i will ask you to be with me together we have to stand shoulder to shoulder to get congress to do the right thing. i want to thank you and the attorneys general. wh i want to thank you for a very useful evening. >> our next candidate is congresswoman michelle bachmann. congresswoman. >> this is the most important election of our lifetime. we have a chance to take our country back in 2012. we were promised in 2008, hoped and changed. we gdidn't get hope and change n the way we thought we would. this is our chance to have real hope and real change. as president of the united states i am going to unite our country grow the economy. i know how to do that as a tax attorney and gbusiness owner. more importantly we have to
9:51 pm
realize we have a hard significant work to do. it will payoff in the form of millions of new jobs being created. legalizing american energy production and bringing down the price of gasoline. we can do this and have the hope we want for our children. we can do it if we stand together. i will unite our country. >> thank you congresswoman. our final candidate we will hear from is senator rick santorum. >> thank you, mike. appreciate it. it is great to be with you tonight. you were a great warrior for faith and family on the campaign trail four years ago. we need to have a truce people have said on these issues here in this campaign. we need to focus on creating jobs and tackling the huge behemoth of a government that is spending too much and driving us into bankruptcy. that is absolutely right.
9:52 pm
you might know what is at the heart of this is america is a moral enterprise and we are sick from the inside when it comes to the state of our family and state of this moral enterprise that is america. when we have thousands of children being aborted and we see marriage being attacked and falling apart a truce is not a truce. it is a surrender. i will not surrender the values of this country i will stand and defend america. >> my thanks to all of these candidates. we will be back with final thoughts. hope you will stay with us.
9:53 pm
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9:55 pm
joining me are three attorneys general
9:56 pm
>> we have other attorney agains scoot pruitt and ken puchinela. first final thoughts with ken. >> i think this was successful in focusing on the difference between the federal government and the states and the balance between the two. nobody bombed here but i think some people shined that they are committed to reigning in the federal government. we saw thoughtful substantive conversations. >> we heard from candidates they are going to be different than this president they will respect the roles of the state as they do key issues. it's exciting. >> thank you all for being here. it has been a historic night to give people equal time so they talked about the issues and not
9:57 pm
about each other. it has been a substantive debate and one i hope can be a model of the future. i can say all of them did an outstanding job. here's a reminder the next fox news republican presidential debate will happen sunday the 15th fred barrett will be moderator. now from new york this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ try align today.
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